What Clients are saying...

My time with you as a client and as a member of Healing Circle has been validating. I've experienced a heightened way of feeling and being. My intuition has always been strong and with your guidance I have been given new ways to look at things and create a more layered experience. I've learned new ways to ground, to meditate, to channel and connect with the truth inside myself. Thank you!


"I found Jody (very serendipitously) after my husband died in a tragic accident. After experiencing the unthinkable, I was open to trying anything and everything that could possibly alleviate my pain. And while it's admittedly a little difficult to explain,  Jody's energy work has helped me tremendously. I see her every 3-6 weeks and I leave feeling lighter, relaxed and more in tune with my body and spirit.


Jody is the most gifted healer I have ever met. In some ways it’s hard to write a review because her gift is so special it goes beyond simple explanation. I have been seeing her for over 5 years and whether it was emotional, spiritual or physical pain she is immensely helpful.  I trust her completely and have referred dozens of friends to her that have all experienced relief. If you are open I encourage you to try it, you will be in good hands. 

Emily Ruby

I recently received a remote session with Jody and other than not being able to see her kind face and relax in her lovely studio there really was no difference! As soon as I closed my eyes and began taking deep breaths I felt energy flowing through my body in a palpable way. It brought home for me just how powerful our energies are...


My 20-year old son is particularly sensitive and absorbs a lot from those around him (if you’re sensitive, you understand exactly I mean). When he’s really feeling ‘off kilter’, he’ll ask for a session with Jody, and as I’ve witnessed first-hand,  he feels instant relief – honestly, a night-and-day shift. Since he lives 3 hours away, he relies on distance sessions with her. Ever the skeptic, he at first was doubtful the session would work if he wasn’t physically in the studio with her; but has felt  the same profound shift whether he’s in the same room with Jody or 200 miles away. 


I learned that it is acceptable and therapeutic to listen to that little voice in your heart/gut and allow it to guide your life. I learned ways to seek out and harness the energy I want to manifest and dissipate that energy that holds me back. I learned that I can seek guidance from the universe and to trust that guidance on my path. I loved meeting with my Circle sisters monthly and would join another group without hesitation in a heartbeat. I enjoy working with Jody and am thankful to have found her on my path. 


"It's so strange isn't it? How just like that a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story." -This Is Us

This is precisely how I feel about Jody and Light Healing Therapies. From the moment I was referred to Jody, I knew she was going to be an important part of my journey. Jody's steady, kind presence is overwhelmingly beautiful. She brings an immense amount of compassion and empathy to her work. As you walk into her space, you feel a sense of peace, presence, and power. Although Jody is extremely intuitive, it is her ability to guide her clients to step inside of themselves and pull out that which we already know that makes her such an expert in the realm of energy work and healing. Sessions with Jody are magic and logic and all of the things! 


Four years ago, through the insistence of a friend, I walked into Jody’s studio with absolutely no idea what to expect. I was nervous that I would have to explain why I was there and worried that I’d have to request a particular treatment (which I knew nothing about!). What the heck is Reiki and do I even have chakras? Thankfully, my mind was at ease within minutes as I relaxed on a warm massage table and could physically feel a positive shift in my energy. Afterward, we spoke about my energy flow, chakras (turns out I do have them) and the negative vibrations she was able to clear for me. We spoke about manifesting, ways to stay grounded and how to continue healing. I felt great and I was hooked! While I still have personal sessions with Jody, I have also joined a monthly “Circle” and attend workshops where I have learned invaluable and transforming lessons. If you are reading this, I encourage you to pay a visit to Jody. What you don’t understand may be the best thing that ever happened to you!

Vickie Freund

Working with Jody has been a truly genuine and enriching experience. Her guidance on harnessing, directing, and grounding energy for myself, and so I may work with family is greatly appreciated and rewarding.


Jody has the most amazing gift. In times of grief, despair and emotional lows Jody has been able to help me restore my faith, hope and direction. I have sent my husband, son and sister to Jody, all with amazing results! 


Jody possess such authenticity and conveys her teachings with confidence and poise. Never judging. Never expecting. Simply being and bringing forth the best in others. An eye opening and growth experience. 


Jody is a generous teacher who taps into her decades of experience to make the class accessible and easy to learn. I look forward to using Reiki with my clients. 

Arica M.

Jody is not only a true healer, she's so passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge with our Circle. I learned so much from her. She's a true light in the world.


Circle has given me tools that I am able to use by myself in times of need. In the 6 months that I have been a part of this Healing Circle, I feel a new calm over myself and my emotions. I feel blessed to have been a part of this Circle, and would recommend to anyone that has an interest!