About Jody...

As the founder of Light Healing Therapies, Jody brings over 20 years of experience and a broad background to her healing practice. She is a practitioner of light language, an intuitive energy healer, and Reiki master and teacher. Specialties include:

  • Light language activation
  • Vibrational healing
  • Hands-on and long-distance healing
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Sacred Journey Therapy

Jody has been working in person and remotely with clients using a variety of healing modalities by allowing herself to be a conduit for energy, information, and messages that come forth when working with clients. While working in a high vibration, she is able to listen to one’s soul and tap into their energetic light grid. In this sacred space, light language spontaneously channels through her from the higher realm: galactic dimensions, ancient times, and angelic and elemental realms. Working with different teams of higher beings throughout a client’s session, specific energies are often invited to join in with the knowledge that they are there to facilitate healing.

What is Light Language?

Light Language works on a soul level and brings to light the needs and desires of each client. With her inner eye, Jody can see a blueprint of symbols lying across the body and is able to channel the instruction to one’s light body through codes. These instructions reactivate or download into the client’s light grid, regenerating one’s emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. The blueprint is a map indicating which light codes need to be activated and are scripted out above the client’s physical body or on paper. Sometimes the messages transmit from one’s soul through sound, at which point Jody will use her voice to send out beneficial high frequencies.Client feedback from Light Language Activation sessions have been declared transformative. Many have reported feeling more enlightened, empowered, clearer and more connected within. Clients often feel that a shift has taken place and they have a better understanding of who they truly are which enables behaviors to change for the better.

Personal Background...

As a child, Jody felt, saw, and heard things that others did not. Always more comfortable in nature than indoors, her time in school was mostly spent looking outside observing all the higher realm had to offer. While she knew her true teachings were somewhere high above, there wasn’t anyone to support, guide, or understand my gifts. In an attempt to function better daily, she suppressed her intuitive abilities.In her twenties, Jody’s soul could no longer keep quiet. She quit life as she knew it and enrolled in massage school and various energy classes. She initially felt lost, but received the direction she needed through mentors, teachers, and classes. With their help she was able to reconnect with her inner being, higher self, souls work, mother earth, and the higher realm.